Dahria Beatty
Birthday: March 7, 1994
Club: Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club
Team: Alberta World Cup Academy, Canadian Senior National Team

Me until now:

My name is Dahria Beatty, I am 21 years old.  In 2012 I moved to Canmore Alberta to join the Alberta World Cup Academy. This year will be my 4th season with the Alberta World Cup Academy and my second season on the Canadian National Team.
I started skiing in the jackrabbits program in Whitehorse shuffling around the Mt. McIntyre trails without poles. As a kid I did many sports, luckily for me Whitehorse is a small town and my parents could handle driving me to my various games and classes. By the time I was ten I had pared my sports list down to soccer, orienteering, running, skiing and figure skating, just in time for me to start playing volleyball and basketball at school. Around this time something had to go so my short lived violin career ended along with my my figure skating career. I have competed at National Championships in four different sports, Skiing, Orienteering, Soccer and Basketball, but my true love was always in skiing, so over the past 6 years it has become my main focus with basketball and volleyball fit in when they can be.

 I went to my first ski competition outside the Yukon when I was 9 years old and have been traveling and competing ever since then. My first experience at nationals was in 2009 in Duntroon Ontario. I remember it raining on my birthday something totally foreign to me (rain in March?). I have been at every Nationals since then and have even been aggregate champion twice for my category. This year was my seventh nationals where I brought my Nationals medal count up to 21.

In 2012 after my most successful ski season to that point I knew I wanted to pursue sport full time. I worked really hard in school for a few months and graduated valedictorian from my high school F. H Collins Secondary, then proceeded to move down to Canmore to start a new chapter of training. This was a big change after having lived in the same house for the first 18 years of my life, but I have loved every minute so far of pursuing skiing at the highest level possible.
My life as an athlete consists of training 6 days a week twice a day, taking correspondence university courses as I work towards a Bachelors of Commerce and working once and a while when it does not conflict with training, physio, stretching and proper recovery.

Over the past two seasons I have had my best international result, 15th at the World Junior Championships in Val di Fiemme Italy, I won my first NorAm, competed on the World Cup in Europe and most recently won my first Canadian National Championship senior title!
Next season Canada will be host to 7 World Cup races, 4 of them in Alberta in March (The Tour of Canada). I am so excited for the chance to race against the best in the world in front of a home crowd. If that isn't excitement enough the 2016 National Championships are also returning to my home town at the end of the year.

So here I am in the present, just finished my first season as a senior racer, a full time athlete, training at a National Development Centre in Canmore! All my adventures from the past year are here on my blog so please read through my posts and continue to follow me throughout my season with the Canadian National Team and AWCA as I work towards my goals and dreams.

 I would also like to take this chance to thank my parents, family, coaches, sponsors, friends, past and current teammates for being there to support me over the years. You guys are the reason I am where I am, Thank you all!!


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